The magic of spring is upon us, when the elemental kingdom rejoices in new growth and renewal after a long winter’s rest.

The nature spirits, fairies, and sprites are busy encouraging every tree , bush and plant to awaken into glorious splendor . Just like magic, little green buds appear in every corner of the world.

It is also a time of love awakening in the animal kingdom. Little ones are on their way. New life is coming!

Spring is the perfect time to begin a new project that is dear to your heart.

You can ask the nature spirits and fairies to assist you in bringing your new creation into reality. They love to help!

The elemental kingdom is devoted to  helping us sustain life. Supporting us with plenty of food and water.

So as spring arrives , let’s remember to live as green as we can. Every little bit makes a big difference.

5 ways to live more green;

1   Conserve heat ,water, electricity, gas.

Wash clothes in cold water, reuse water to water outside plants when possible.

Walk or bike instead of driving if you can.

2   Respect the animal kingdom;

Buy locally raised humane and organic eggs, dairy and meat whenever possible.

Eat a few more meatless meals every week

Grow your own veggies, I grow tomatoes and banana peppers in in plastic storage containers . They are inexpensive, just cut some holes in the bottom for drainage. Go organic, you control what goes into the soil.

3  Cut down on chemicals;

Use non toxic cleaning supplies, steam is a great non toxic way to disinfect a floor, counter tops etc.

There are many new non toxic cleaners available on the market today.

Your children and pets will be healthier without exposure to the toxins


4  Don’t throw out your electronics;

Use your cell phones and computers for as long as possible

Donate or recycle them by dropping them off or sending them to a collection facility.

They are hazardous waste, E- waste contains mercury and other toxic substances.


5  Donate instead of dump;

Donate old clothes, books, and furniture instead of throwing them out

Have a garage sale, or give stuff away , if everyone did a few of these simple things , the world would be a cleaner place.

Mama Humming Bird and babies!


So in honor of spring, go outside and enjoy the longer daylight hours!

Earlier dawns ,and later sunsets, are here. So stop for awhile and enjoy nature’s dazzling display of glorious color. Who knows you might even  meet a fairy or a sprite that will help you grow your vegetable garden!

Happy Spring! Many Blessings to you !

Tami Marie Parrington

Spiritual healer and Life Coach